Stereotaxic Instruments

Desktop Digital Stereotaxic Instrument :

The Digital Stereotaxic Instrument exhibits all the features of the Standard Stereotaxic Instrument, and it has a sealed electronic sensor and compact LCD display, which real-time shows the coordination of all three axes with 10 micron resolution. And the zeroing function simplifies the targeting process. To be adequate for the electrophysiology experiment, this instrument utilizes battery instead of AC power, which dramatically reduces electronic noise, and keeps the workbench tidy.

Adaptors available for use with rats, mice & guinea pigs. Working distance for each 3-diamention is 80 mm with precise alignment to 10┬Ám resolution. Laser engraved scales, darken rod and open U-shape frame make numerals easy to read. Dual-lead screws ensure stable and accurate manipulation. Maintain accuracy and flexibility at different temperatures.

The base & frame surface coated with manufacturer applied treatment that resists stains and wearing. Zeroing function can be done at any X, Y, Z axis coordinates on the display, to avoid secondary readings and calculations, simplifies the process of experimental operation. Extended base plate also available. Vertical lock and fixing knob are separated to ensure accurate position at any angle. Curve design of nose clamp secures the head of the animals more steady. Syringe pump, micro camera and drill can be attached to the Stereotaxic Instruments directly.

Digital Stereotaxic Instruments for Rats in india

Digitl Desktop

2 Mice
Rat and mouse
Compact neonatal
Large animal
Rail mounted Rat