It is the most user friendly model for precise and rapid screening of small rodents for inflammation or edema of the paw. Normal tap water is enough to operate and with a handy design it automatically calibrates. A 360 reflex mirror facilitates the user to see the level of paw immersed with ease. Volume displacement measured in milliliters (ml) with the accuracy of 0.01 ml for both mice and rat. The digital display shows the measurement data and the software allows data collection and storage to a computer.

Paw pressure

In the light of Randall-Selitto Test, it applies an increasing pressure on the animal paw between a flat surface and a blunt point. Paw pressure model for both mice and rats exerts steadily increasing force at a constant rate on the animal paw until the animal makes a flinch or shrill response. The operator addresses a foot switch for hands free control. When the animal reacts against pain by shrill response, the built-in shrill feedback sensor automatically stops pressure and the pressure value is displayed. The data collection software allows data collection and storage to a computer.

Tail Flick Analgesia

The Tail Flick Analgesia Model measures reaction to radiant energy from a light source. The highlight of the device is the shutter-controlled halogen lamp which has the sensor built in for automatic tail flick detection. The lamp is located below the animal to provide a less confining environment & radiant heat provides a constant temperature to the animal tail, avoiding the lamp warm-up temperature variations. When the animal reacts against pain, it flicks its tail out of the beam which automatically freezes the built-in latency timer and the stimulation stops. The reaction time from activation of the light beam to the tail flick is automatically presented on a digital display. Response time is measured in 0.01 second increments and displayed.

Hot Plate Analgesia

The Hot Plate Analgesia Instrument is used for latency testing in mice and rats. The animal is placed onto a hot surface as a foot pedal is pressed to start a clock. The observer presses the foot pedal again when the animal makes a stereotyped paw lick response to the hot surface. This latency is strongly affected by analgesic drugs. Uniform Temperature regulation with an accuracy of +/-0.1°C and surface distribution is improved by a 4 mm thick copper plate. Perfect protection of leakage current provides reliable operation. Supplied with two chambers, for mice and rats.

Plantar test

The Plantar test Model for measurement of Hyperalgesia to thermal stimulation in unrestrained animals.The IR intensity is adjustable from 10 to 100. With precise programmable digital control the instrument is connected to PC using RS232. The reaction time is 0.1second steps. With digital display all functions and parameters can be entered via key-pad. Data Acquisition Software (optional).

Grip Strength

Grip Strength Meter is a measuring system for determining the gripping strength of animals. It allows the study of neuromuscular functions in rodents by determining the maximum force displayed by an animal. With 1000Hz sampling speed and a resolution of 1g, it’s a stand alone system (USB interface for available on the computerized model). Test grip strength more easily than ever before.