MC4000 Multi Channel Analysis System

Mice Tail-cuff Blood Pressure NIBP in India

The MC4000 is a totally computer controlled Non-Invasive, Tail-Cuff system designed to help researchers efficiently and effectively obtain accurate blood pressure measurements on mice and rats.

MC4000 System Features

  • Unmatched sensitivity of pulse detection using Photodiode Technology
  • Obtains 15 measurements per mouse or rat in less than 15 minutes
  • Measures Systolic, Diastolic, Mean Arterial Pressure, and Pulse Rate
  • A/D conversion that provides 4,096 points pulse waveform resolution resulting in a “16 to 1” ratio of enhanced performance over any other system.
  • Results correlate with telemetry
  • Waveforms display measurements in real time
  • Rodent holders secure untrained animals
  • Unique “V-notch” sensory assembly
  • Holders specially designed to reduce animal stress
  • Easy to assemble, clean, and maintain
  • Computer controlled, software operated


The MC4000 is operated through database software loaded onto a PC desktop or laptop. The software initializes measurements, determines measurement parameters, displays the waveforms, saves results, and much more