Tricolor Multi-Channel Fiber Photometry :

The fiber photometry system records changes in the fluorescence intensity of neurons in a specific brain area to characterize changes in neuronal population activity. In the study of neural circuits, the optical fiber recording system can perform long-term stable monitoring of the neurons in the group of freely moving animals, and then explore the correlation between neuronal activity & animal behavior.

The new tricolor multichannel fiber photometry system has three wave lengths, 410nm, 470nm and 560nm, of which 410 is used to acquire reference signal and eliminate noise.

  • Integrates data acquisition, analysis & plotting
    Bonsai software and MATLAB programming are not required. Data analysis includes data clipping, bleaching correction, smoothing, movement correction, event heat map, peak statistics, and area under curve and heat map of behavior trajectory.
  • Multiple Behavioral Events Synchronize & Mark
    The software can synchronize and mark multiple special behavioral events or external input signals during the experiment.
  • More Accurate Signal, Avoid Interference
    Dual highly sensitive detectors enabling independent and sequential detection to avoid interference of fluorescence excitation and detection, acquiring more accurate signal. The 410nm light source can be used to reflect the background noise signal, thus ensuring the acquisition of true fluorescence data.
  • 9 Channels Support
    Support up to 9 channels, suitable for simultaneous experiment of multiple animals or multiple brain locations.
  • Easy Connection to Other Equipment
    4-input and 4-output interface for easy connection with other equipment such as optogenetics and electrophysiology for the closed-loop study of stimulation and recording.