Multi-excitation Fluorometer for automatic algal class detection at different depths. It is equipped with a chlorophyll fluorescence probe with 9-wavelength excitation LEDs to measure fluorescent spectra, a turbidity meter and a temperature and a depth sensor. With the optical features, phytoplankton community is classified. (Diatom, Dinoflagellate, Green Algae, Cryptophyta, Cyanobacteria etc) and quantified by multivariate analysis. The taxonomic composition and the chlorophyll-a concentration of each class are automatically estimated using the analysis software with a spectra-library of cultures.


  • Phytoplankton classes mapping with a high resolution
  • Cyanobacteria monitoring
  • Monitoring and early warning for Harmful algal blooms
  • Ocean and limnological researches
  • N2 fixers monitoring
  • A PFTs validation tool
  • Dinoflagellate detection
  • Integrated Contact Sensor
  • Multiple System Configurations


  • Highly sensitive flourescent measurements in turbid water
  • Automatic classification by the processing Software
  • Library function of chlorophyll – specific spectra for processing
  • Anti fouling mechanical wiper
  • Multi parameters turbidity,temperature,depth
  • Anti-fouling wiper for long-term deployments
  • High sensitivity sensor and Titanium Housing
  • Weight – Approximately 1.8 kilograms
  • Even in tough condition with turbid water, can provide accurate excitation spectra.