The state-of-the-art multi-channel tissue organ bath is designed, based on many years of combined experiences of various scientists. Used for pharmacological and preclinical studies of isolated vascular or non-vascular tissues, skeletal or smooth muscles, cardiac tissues/organs (e.g. atria, papillary, sinus node), and tissues from respiratory/lung, urinary tract, kidney, and intestine or colon, etc.

The High-performance and user friendly system features multiple innovative, proprietary functions proven to ease tissue organ studies in all phases of experiments: tissue mounting, oxygenation control, preset tension, (stimulation), recording and data marking, waste disposal/washing, & data analyses. These functions allow more efficient experiments and producing of more and consistent isometric or isotonic data with sensitivity up to 0.2-0.5mg, across channels and experiments, in comparison to most others’ systems.

New functions include (1). embedded bio-sensing (nitric oxide, oxygen, glucose, epinephrine, pH) and/or bio-potential recording; (2). automated (optional) or manual (one-push valve) buffer filling, emptying and washing; (3). new tissue holders with built-in ring, spiral or zigzag Pt. stimulation electrodes. (4). upgradable, when appropriate, to Micro Vessel Needle and Wire Myograph or Tissue Superfusion System.