Precise Impactor

Precision Impactor is a user friendly tool for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Spinal Cord Injury Studies on rat/mice models. This series of hitters can perfectly cooperate with the new type of Ryward spinal cord adapter or craniocerebral fixation adapter to fix the spinal cord or brain of mice to strike precisely. The unique contact mechanism of laser sensor can automatically detect the surface datum points of animal impact points accurately and reliably before the start of the impact procedure and avoid the cumbersome process of manual zero-correction. It is designed to provide the user with accurate, reliable and reproducible results.

  • Impact depth, velocity and dwell time can be precisely controlled.
  • Pneumatic pure electric control with software interface, precise impact and no vibration
  • LCD touch screen, simple operation and easy to use
  • Automatic calibrate zero position, avoid tedious manual operation
  • High precision rotating adapter, adjust the level, inclination and center axis alignment of the Animal’s head at the maximum limit