Zebrafish Respirometry

The Q-Box AQUA Respirometry Package is designed for measurements of metabolic rate (VO2) as a reduction in Dissolved Oxygen inside the respirometry chamber with an aquatic animal. Both vertebrates and invertebrates may be studied. Q-Box AQUA uses the principle of intermittent flow respirometry. Up to 4 aquatic chambers/samples may be monitored in a single experiment with additional components. All the chambers would experience the same experimental conditions.

Mini-AQUA :

For aquatic respirometry measurements of small fish and insect larvae (~1g) we have mini-AQUA package, a modified version of the Q-Box AQUA with a small aquatic respirometer chamber (9ml) and components for a smaller total volume system. mini-AQUA package also features a micro-chamber (1.23ml in volume) with DO probe inserted in the top portion for measurements of VO2 of very small samples such as larvae and juvenile fish less than 0.5g. The micro-chamber is used in the intermittent stop flow mode resulting in higher sensitivity and resolution of the system.

Features :

  • Optical DO Probe
  • mini-AQUA chamber (9ml, 1.6 cm ID, 4.5 cm long)
  • micro-chamber (1.23ml, 1.5 cm ID, 0.85cm depth) in mini-AQUA
  • Temperature & Salinity Probe for Water Bath
  • Liquid Pump (1 LPM or 0.1LPM in mini-AQUA) & 3-Way Valve
  • Digital Control Unit for 3-Way Valve Control
  • 6 Channel Data Interface
  • Data Acquisition Software
  • Absolute Pressure Sensor
  • Rugged Weatherproof Case

Software :

Zebrafish Respirometry Software
Zebrafish Respirometry Software

Embryo & Larvae Respiration :

The OX1LP Dissolved Oxygen Package is based on the use of polarographic dissolved oxygen electrodes and used to measure respiration and/or photosynthesis in the aqueous phase, using aquatic insects, embryos, larvae, suspensions of plant cells, organelles (chloroplasts and mitochondria) and algae. The Dissolved Oxygen Package comes complete with all of the instruments, accessories, software, data acquisition interface.

Description :

The OX1LP Dissolved Oxygen Packages are available with DO electrodes of different volumes from 100ul (flow-through) to 50 ml. The O2 electrode within the water-jacketed cuvette may be used for measurements of O2 consumption (or production) by biological samples or enzymatic reactions. Calibration is a simple 2-point process, and all the required accessories for calibration are supplied as part of the package.

The Dissolved Oxygen Package provides excellent accuracy and a resolution of 0.03% O2 (where air saturated water = 100%). Dissolved O2 values may be expressed in any desired units (mg/L; % dissolved O2; ppm etc) based on a simple calibration procedure. The water jacket allows calibrations and experiments to be carried out at the same temperature, or a simple temperature correction can be made in software for measurements made at different temperatures.

Features :

  • Polarographic oxygen electrode system
  • Different volume cuvette chambers available (1, 2.5, 4, 6, 30, 50ml)
  • Water-jacketed cuvette allows temperature control with an optional water bath
  • Includes all the accessories
  • Easy assembly and calibration

Software :

Zebrafish Respirometry OX1LP Software

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